Police are essential. So is reform.

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The Institute for American Police Reform (IAPR) is a non-partisan organization providing guidance on policing laws and policies, police accountability and partnerships in community, leadership development, and police standards and training development. In our services to communities and governments, our goal is to help ensure immutable regard for human dignity, inculcate servant leadership, and fortify citizens’ trust in police service across the United States.

Five Pillars of Police Reform©️

Law & Policy

Consistent, impartial, and uniform laws and policies are absolutes for police service across all U.S. communities to ensure fair and predictable American policing.

Transparent, honest, competent, and unbiased practices by policing officials must be reinforced through professional external oversight and certification.
Standards & Training

Consolidated national standards and training with model rules of conduct including canons, ethical considerations, and disciplinary rules are required.
Leadership Development

Police leadership demands persons of extraordinary presence who ensure that the service is performed with exceptional regard for human dignity.
Community Engagement

Policing and public safety is a community responsibility. All citizens have a role in preserving human dignity, public order, and safety.

Crucial public services, especially those with life and death implications, must be subject to reasonable and comprehensive change with the goal of strengthening communities.

We Work Directly With

Federal, State and Local Government Executive Leadership

Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, State Police Department Commanders

Prisons and Probation

Community-Based Organizations

Law Firms

Training Academies

Researchers and Institutions of Higher Learning

Philanthropic Foundations

Corporations and Businesses